Cyber Security

Your customers trust you with their security. Who do you trust?

The threats of cyber attacks are a fact of life and a fact of business - and your customers know it. ROBESTEK SOLUTIONS ’s Cybersecurity and Risk Service can help you stay ahead of the threats and put your customers minds at ease. We take an integrated approach to protection that prioritizes not only prevention, but also minimizing risk and controlling loss. Our portfolio of Cyber Defense Platforms is designed to deploy the right solutions to keep your company protected, and resilient, whatever the circumstances.

How a top telco launched its business in the US market on Cloud .ROBESTEK SOLUTIONS delivered best in class AWS cloud based security solution comprising of native and third party security controls...
ROBESTEK SOLUTIONS delivers Threat Intelligence to a leading global ingredient solutions provider
ROBESTEK SOLUTIONS delivered best in class AWS cloud based security solution comprising of native and third party security controls...

AWS Managed Security Services : AWS Managed Security Services provides security protection and monitoring of essential AWS environment assets delivered as a 24/7 fully managed service through ROBESTEK SOLUTIONS ’s AWS security experts. It comes with the additional flexibility of either supplementing the internal security team or end-to-end managed service. The managed security services help reduce business risk, increase cloud security posture, fill cyber skills gaps, and span across the six security domains: vulnerability management, cloud security best practices and compliance, threat detection and response, network security, host and endpoint security, and application security.

Data Governance Platform : Bring method to the madness of organizing data Generate, capture, secure and use data without the anxiety of privacy and compliance failure. For organizations that handle growing volumes of increasingly complex data, ROBESTEK SOLUTIONS provides its Data Security Governance Solution.

Security Intelligence as a Service : Smart security for smart organizations. Improve security posture by deploying an intelligence service that goes beyond traditional approaches to threat and risk management

Security Assurance Center : Build protection, reduce risk, stop worrying. Leverage an award-winning security assurance service that provides real time visibility into threats Cybersecurity is a major concern for ROBESTEK SOLUTIONS ’s clients operating in a complex, hyper connected environment. Our Cybersecurity and Risk Services design solutions that continuously evaluate, test, analyze and remediate gaps in the security and risk posture of clients.